SHERO: Stuzo Style Profile

After living in New York City in the peak of summer , a place where getting from point A to point B is always a challenge, I became WAY more appreciative of athleisure and streetwear. Both of these fashion categories are about comfort, individuality and versatility. All 3 things essential to a New Yorker's wardrobe.So when I moved back to the south in Charlotte, my style had adapted a lot of habits from up north.

One of my classmates from UNC-Chapel Hill, Emeka Anen, founded Throne a "Social source for tastemakers in sneakers and streetwear." The audience grew rapidly and the brand began to grow at an amazing rate--expanding into a variety of categories, truly making it lifestyle. I always respected and saw eye-to-eye with Emeka, so when our 5 year class reunion took place last fall I approached him and joined the Throne team! I curate seasonal streetwear and music posts and will make sure to include links to them through this site. 

My first style profile was on a brand called Stuzo and their fearless "Shero" campaign. Check it out here: