Inspired: 2 Many Sibs

Velma Rossa and Oliver Asike are the powerful sister-brother duo from Kenya reviving the African thrifting scene.

Literally walking, breathing inspiration, this dynamic duo pushes the envelope by reinforcing that style is executed within the wardrobe of the trendsetter. Velma and Oliver post their fashion happenings and findings throughout their Tumblr page: 2ManySiblings.

Every post is just as breathtaking as the one before. Its so great to see amazing fashion coming from the continent I hold so dear and even more reassuring to find out that thrifting in Kenya is creating a huge wave. 

 so Olsen twin chic with a hint of angst.

so Olsen twin chic with a hint of angst.

We wouldn’t say we are secondhand experts: We simply document that industry and the lifestyle associated with it. Many of our peers make a living out of it and it has contributed immensely to the street style culture in Nairobi. The biggest misconception is that we are too dependent on the secondhand industry and that we can’t produce for ourselves. Most people in Kenya, for instance, are low-income earners and buy secondhand clothing because it’s affordable. However, things are changing and people are supporting more locally produced clothing. The best place to buy vintage has to be Gikomba, which is the biggest flea market in East and Central Africa. It’s always good to go early in the morning to get the best options before everyone else.
— September 2016 Interview